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Shivers out now https://t.co/pyiJE9Bnyk
= out 29th of October https://t.co/5IqVffrKgh 🦋


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Who but @edsheeran would have me obsessively collecting virtual butterflies and flowers instead of working? #equalsthegame

Catch em all 🦋

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The next listening party is MULTIPLY 💚
Join us on @STATIONHEAD tomorrow at 3.30pm🎶

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Who enjoyed Saturday's show with the extraordinarily talented @edsheeran?✨

He chose a fantastic selection from the archive, including @KTTunstall, @Skepta and @boniver🙌

Plus we had new music from @BiffyClyro, @GlassAnimals and @PipMillett🎶

The full episode is on @BBCiPlayer

Replying to @KTTunstall: Ahhh Ed, I am a proud Mum 😂 LOL Incredible to see where @edsheeran took the humble loop pedal, and thankings for the shout…

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Thank you to everyone that joined the Station-Ed and for sharing your lovely memories of +. We'll be DMing the winner shortly🧡

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Ahhh Ed, I am a proud Mum 😂 LOL Incredible to see where @edsheeran took the humble loop pedal, and thankings for the shout out! ❤️🙏🏼🔁 #loopers
@BBCLater @BBCiPlayer

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I had so much fun doing this @nprmusic Tiny Desk session. Go watch it on their youtube channel for a little preview of “Overpass Graffiti” before it’s out this Friday and a cover of @foyvance’s song “Make It Rain” x

Repost @ teddysphotos on Instagram

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Replying to @humanheart___: @edsheeran TIDES AND SANDMAN AND JOKER

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Replying to @Lover_1989_: @edsheeran I believe in tides supremacy!!!

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Replying to @Cecie_cecie: @edsheeran First Times for sureeeee!

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Replying to @_Che_2011_: @edsheeran Overpass Graffiti!

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Replying to @DivebyEd: @edsheeran Tides

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@edsheeran Overpass Graffiti!

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@edsheeran I believe in tides supremacy!!!

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Are you an aspiring lepidopterist? Even if you're not, head to and collect all 14 Equals butterflies for the chance to win a big prize 🦋

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@edsheeran First Times for sureeeee!

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Who's seen the #SheeranShorts? Which #Equals songs are you most looking forward to? 🕐

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Tune into @STATIONHEAD for the first of four listening parties counting down to the release of EQUALS.
PLUS is up first + x ÷ =
Some limited edition Plus merch up for grabs, download the app and tune in at 3pm BST, make sure you're there 🧡

Starting now

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Celebrate the release of '=' with @AmazonMusicUK's immersive listening experience. It's free to attend and walk ins are welcome. See you there 🦋

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Pre-save Equals for a chance to win one of three signed vinyl test pressings 🦋

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Who's excited for Ed's tiny desk? 🙋‍♂️ Watch on YouTube at 5PM BST

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= is released on the 29th of October 🦋
Pre-order now

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