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Getting lost in your thoughts can make you forget that grace is always right there holding your hand. Have a lucky day.

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Quoted @LeeMajdoub

I’m back for #SonicMovie2!!!
What... did you really think Dr. Robotnik could do this without me? (Don’t answer that).
Anyways, Happy #NationalCoffeeDay! #SteamedAustrianGoatMilkLatte

I love the way you make 'em...my trusty sycophant!

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Quoted @apskot

@JimCarrey Love from India Jim.... You are solely responsible for every laughter and passion in my life... This is a small tribute for you sir, you are the best.... My name is Kaustav....

Thank you, Kaustav. It has been my honor. Sending a massive dose of love right back at you! ;^D

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Quoted @JuanmaHinojal

Since 1994, @JimCarrey has been responsible for some of the best and happiest moments of my life. As a writer, his influence can be seen in my books. I can never thank him for all that he has unknowingly done for me in all these years. I love you, Jim. #JimCarrey

The effect we have on each other is the most valuable currency there is. Tweets like yours make me a wealthy man Juan. Spank you kindly! ;^)

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Congratulations to Lorne Michaels, Steve Higgins, Colin Jost, Alec Baldwin, Maya Rudolph, Dave Chappelle, the Foo Fighters and all of the wonderful cast, writers and crew of @NBCSNL for the Emmy win last night. It’ll be my honor, always, to have played a small role. :^D

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During the filming of ‘Man On The Moon’, Norm MacDonald came to join me as Andy Kauffman for a lunch on the real porch of the ‘Psycho’ house at Universal and was scare pranked by another famous Norman...
Long live Norm MacDonald! ❤️

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My dear friend Norm MacDonald passed after a brave 10 year battle. He was one of our most precious gems. An honest and courageous comedy genius. I love him.

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Quoted @lalaskanishka

@JimCarrey Dear @JimCarrey
When I was a child you made me laugh and now as an adult you keep inspiring me.
I made a sketch to show my appreciation n admiration of you.
Hope it finds a way to you.

Your words changed my life.
"It’s Better to Fail at What You Love..."

Thank you Kanishka. I'm honored by your sweet drawing. I hope the rest of your life is a huge winning streak! ;^}

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Quoted @_jameson_s

@JimCarrey Dear @JimCarrey

Since childhood your films have shaped a positive outlook on the world. Now your paintings, phrases and biography help me fight depression and realize myself creatively. I really appreciate and love you. Thanks for being you!

Great drawings Devian! Thanks so much for sharing your talent and your affection. It's gratifying for me to hear my work and words have had a positive influence in your life. Sss'good! ;^)

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Quoted @trinitybercaw

@JimCarrey dear jim carrey,

starting at a young age i have always looked up to you. as i grew older my mind became dark. i found that painting was my outlet and voice. because of you i realized that i too “needed color”, so thank you. you are truly extraordinary !

Et tu Trinity. That’s a lovely piece. I’m glad if I’ve given you some comfort. Darkness is what makes an artist reach for the light. Shine on! ;^>

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Quoted @danicoelha

@JimCarrey Thank you Jim for bringing me so many smiles at such a difficult time for me in this pandemic. For you, the best of my gardens.:mangas, jaboticabas, jacas, cajus, siriguelas e pitangas. ;-*

Yummyyyyyyyy!!! I got mangoes, grapefruit, tangerines, lemons, bananas and wild chickens. We have the makings of a co-op Dani. Shhhh...don't tell Monsanto. :^d

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Quoted @artist_graeham

@JimCarrey My dear Jim Carrey!

I also try my luck to get your attention. Your presence and words mean a lot to me and make me move on. One of my goals is to be able to meet you personally, I hope there will be a chance. Hope you like this canvas drawing of this amazing movie ♡.

I do like it Graeham - very much indeed! If you ever see me in your part of the world, please come say hello. ?;^}

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Quoted @laughingsiddy

Dear @JimCarrey,
I made this during lockdown. If only you had just a percent of idea how much I look up to you, you’d be stunned of the impact you have had on me… I relate to all your characters, from Stanley to Joel. You’re the best. I love u <3

Spank you kindly, Sid! I appreciate you, very much. ?;^]

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Quoted @destinyrivasss

this is the greatest thing i have ever done to a pair of shoes. your humor brings me comfort. and in case you don't see this, i luv ya! @JimCarrey

I'VE BEEN HEELED! I luv ya' right back, Destiny. ;^D

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Quoted @morg0o

We call this, the Ace Ventura pet detective: no actual styling needed @JimCarrey

As cute as a button...and with hair like Ace's that little baby is goin' places. ?;^j

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Quoted @SheWearsBowTies

@JimCarrey I know it’s a long shot but can I get a tweet for my birthday!? You make me smile 💞
(I made the earrings ✨)

Happy Birthday Maliza! Better late than never. Love the earrings...hope you hear good news every time you have them on. ;^D

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Jhessica, thank you for putting a sparkle in my eyes. That's the best part of anyone. {:^)

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Quoted @theMimicHawkins

@JimCarrey This one is for you Jim… hope you approve

Nice voice...shame about the face replace. Thanks for the love Matthew. Go T.O.! ;^P

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At it’s finest, life is a toothless grin.
If you’re wearing one in the end, you win.

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